Search Engine Optimization
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Text to speech

Text To Speech: An amazing tool by Optizord for all your needs.   Got a long document but have no time in your busy schedule to re-read the document you just made? Are you an eBook author or a web content writer? Do you use text to speech for re- checking your articles or just need a voice for your YouTube channel because you are too shy or private with your life. No matter what your reasons are, we aren’t going to disappoint you. In modern day world with modern...
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SEO -Search Engine Optimization

    What is search engine optimization (SEO)? You can understand the facts on it in this article!   Search engine optimization   Introduction: Have you heard about search engine optimization? Is your website SEO-friendly? What type of traffic does your website have? Are you able to convert your traffic into a sale? Do all such questions surround you? If yes, then you first need to understand in detail about SEO. After this, you will indeed observe profit with your online business. Hence, you can appreciate it as mentioned in...
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Optizord’s Word Counter: The Simple, Effective and Efficient way to count your Article's  words.

 Optizord’s Word Counter: The Simple, Effective and Efficient way to count your Article's estimated words.     Spend hours of time and tapped your pen on the desk, finally wrote an amazing piece of beautifully sculptured article. But damn how many words is it? Does it matche the threshold you decided? Is it too short or too long? Or it is just correct. Many times it happens that we want to write an article of decided words, but we have to count it again and again because we somehow lost the...
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Internshala -Online trainings and Internship opportunities

Intersnhala Certifies Online Training and Internship opportunities Internshala is one of the largest Internship platform in the world , it caters around 10,000+ Internships and Job opportunities per day . The platform is a good location to find your ideal internship from many to increase your experience and to gain a certificate of Experience.  The Platform also provides Certified online trainings in various high valued courses that can enhance your skills and easily land you a job or enable you to start a project of yourself. The online trainings...
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The Optizord Advance Plagiarism Checker: Uniqueness at its peak

The Optizord Advance Plagiarism Checker: Uniqueness at its peak.   We often have heard the term “Plagiarism” , whether we are reading some book or when we are doing our academic writing in our schools or colleges or we are some online savvy content writers, bloggers and article writers. No matter what “Plagiarism” can happen anywhere.   What is Plagiarism?   Plagiarism is a term that defines the thievery of someone else’s work  and presenting is as new ideas. Plagiarism can be either intentional or accidental but still it won’t ...
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Digital Marketing -the future of Marketing an overview

                                   Modern day problems require modern day solutions! The onset of digitalization in marketing is an apt example of just that . The computer and internet revolution has resulted in a dynamic shift from traditional methods of marketing. The internet has catered a wide range of opportunities for business and individuals to promote themselves and push the boundaries of traditional marketing and enabled them to seek neumerous opportunities in the global market. Marketing was...
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