Email Marketig - An Overview

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Email Marketig - An Overview

08/14/2021 12:00 AM by Parul Khosla in General

Email Marketing at Glance

 Well, Marketing is an integral part of the business. Marketing can make you reach higher heights. In these tougher times, several businesses are turning digital to a greater extent. Email Marketing plays an integral part in expanding your business to greater hype. With Email Marketing, You can advertise your brand to a vast range of people through Email Marketing in a cost-effective way.

 Let's find out more about Email Marketing, by digging it up in this post.


What is Email Marketing?

 Email marketing is the form of marketing where people send personalized Emails to the selective customer with the motive to promote a business or a brand.

 Email Marketing allows the producer to maintain a close relationship with the customers by sending a personalized message to them. You can drive the sales of your brand by informing them about amazing offers, discounts, coupon codes, and deals for your brand.

Advantages of Email Marketing

There are various advantages of Email Marketing. Some are as follows :

  • Time-Saving

 Email Marketing is more time-saving than other Marketing strategies, as through automation you can send the email to a person when required. You may create the template band reuse into various other emails when required.

  •  Cost- Effective

With Email Marketing, You can save plenty of money while doing a marketing campaign for your product or brand. Here the cost of sending one Email is much less than even the fare of transport which is used in online campaigns of a product or a brand.

  •  Measurable

 You can easily evaluate the campaign ideas by using web analytics. This will help you to evaluate the success of your advertising campaign.


  • Real-Time Marketing  

through the automated triggers, you can trigger the targeted audience in real-time with real offers such as purchases and deals, You real time Marketing.


  • Environment Friendly

 Email Marketing is completely Environment Friendly as in this marketing strategy, As nothing is printed here and only electronic media natural resources and no other is used to advertise which can be quite friendly to the environment.


  • Selective to a specific Audience

 With email marketing, you can send personalized messages to specific Audiences. You can send the email with a personal message to interested people.


  • Large Audience

By Email Marketing, You will be able to build a large network in very little time, You can create more audience or leads while advertising your customer through Email. You can send one email to thousands of people at one click in seconds.

  • Permission-Based

 Email Marketing is thorough permission-based, you can actively select the people who are genuinely interested in your brand or product, The interested people can easily permit you to send you your email by subscribing to your brand media handle.

  • Shareable

 Emails are highly shareable . one can share these in less than a minute. Customers can share your email content with a relative audience. This will automatically increase the reach of business in very little time and also in a very effective way.



 Disadvantages of Email Marketing

 Along with the advantages, There are also various disadvantages of Email Marketing. Some are as follows:


  • Spam Emails

Sometimes, the unwanted commercial emails can irritate the non-targeted customers, and a customer may unsubscribe. This will create a bad impact on your business. You should be aware of the privacy rules before sending mail to customers.

  • Size Problem

 Some Commercial Emails; which contain heavy files or images can create a size problem, as this can be difficult to download for a receiver.

  • Undelivered Emails

 Sometimes, poorly designed Emails cannot be delivered to the desired receiver or a customer as Email software sometimes does not deliver poorly designed Emails that may contain some symbols. You should always design your emails perfectly if you want them to be delivered.


  •  Resource and Skill

For a commercial Email, One requires many resources and skillful people, who can effectively design the commercial Emails or send them and this will not be possible without a lack of resources such as monetary funds and advanced technologies.

Our Verdict

Email Marketing is the most crucial part of Today’s marketing strategy. It can make a wonderful miracle in the sector of sale and advertisement of your product. Though it is very effective in increasing reach, though, sometimes, It can be turned into a hoax. Repetitive emails can be unwanted by a customer at some point.

 Email Marketing is effective when used wisely. It is suggested that you should be consistent in sending business Emails to some extent but not excessively.

 In this post, we try our best to highlight various aspects of Email Marketing and convey its effectiveness when used wisely.


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