What To Know About SEO Friendly Domain Name?

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What To Know About SEO Friendly Domain Name?

04/14/2022 12:00 AM by Guest in General

What To Know About SEO Friendly Domain Name ?



There are many factors to consider for any business that wants to establish itself on the internet. This is because the digital landscape has changed. More and more companies continue to compete on the internet, making standing out more challenging. One such way through which businesses can get an edge is through SEO.


SEO optimization allows websites to appear at the top of search result pages. This means more traffic for their websites which can translate into more leads and sales. They can do this themselves through various SEO tools or consult an experienced professional, like a San Jose SEO expert. There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to SEO. One such factor is registering an SEO friendly domain name for the website. But what makes a domain name SEO friendly? Why is such a domain name so important? How can you choose such a domain name?


We will discuss exactly that in this article. Let’s dive in.


What exactly is a domain name?

Before getting into what makes a domain name friendly, it is helpful to understand what a domain name is. In essence, the domain name refers to the website’s name on the web. It is basically the web address that you type in your web browser’s address bar when you want to access a website. Consider our website name, ‘optizord.com’. The part before the dot is known as the domain, while the part after the dot is known as the domain extension. It would be best to consider both of these when registering a domain name for your website.


What makes a domain name SEO friendly?

It is helpful first to understand the purpose of search engines to understand what makes a domain name SEO friendly. In essence, what search engines want is to provide searchers with results that are valuable to them. This means it will either answer a query they have or satisfy an intent. Therefore, an SEO friendly domain name fulfils the purpose of ease and usefulness for searchers.


Additionally, it must also relate to the topic and niche of the keyword that users will search. However, you must be careful, as matching your domain name with popular keywords can get your website penalized. Therefore, don’t use domain names like ‘BestBurgerInTown.com’. Instead, think strategically about the right domain name for your website. This domain name must also follow Google guidelines so that you don’t get penalized.


How to choose an SEO Friendly domain name?


1. Registering a brandable domain name

Choosing a brandable domain name can help your website rank higher. This is the strategy that most top brands implement, as their names are easily recognizable and trusted. As a result, any searchers are more liable to search for them. Even if your business is small, choosing a brandable domain name can help you establish your brand name. Once this is done, it will help your website appear on top of search results. The more people click on your link in search results, the more likely they will be ranked.


2. Choosing an easy to remember and typable domain name

A domain name that is easy to type and remember makes it easier for users. In turn, this leads to more success for your website. This is because users will have a hard time revisiting your website after visiting it through search results. As a result, you may lose precious site traffic. Therefore, making your domain name short without hyphens and repeated letters is better for SEO purposes. Avoiding numbers can be a good idea unless it is part of your brand name.


3. Using a popular domain extension

It is vital to choose a domain extension that suits your website. Additionally, it should be an extension that is memorable and popular. Have you ever noticed how most of us add ‘.com’ when someone tells us about a website domain? This is because this extension is widespread and is used for commercial websites. Other popular domain names that can help you are:

  • .net, for network-related websites
  • .edu, for education-related websites
  • .org, for non-profit organizations.


However, if an extension suits your website even better, you should go for it.


Wrapping Up

Businesses need websites that obtain high traffic to be successful on the internet. You can do this through SEO optimization. There are many factors to consider when optimizing a website. One such factor is a domain name. A domain name refers to the address of a website that is typed in the address bar. An SEO-friendly domain name is easy to understand and deal with for searchers. Additionally, these domain names are usually related to the topic and keyword. You can integrate various ways into your strategy of choosing an SEO-friendly domain name that we have discussed in this article. We hope this article proves helpful to you and your website. Thank you for reading.

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