What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)

09/07/2021 12:00 AM by Parul Khosla in General


Social Media Marketing at Glance

 In the age of social media  , where two out of three people are having their social media handle and spending lots of time of their day on social media. Social has a larger audience than the other platforms .According to the statistics, as of now in the year of 2021, there are 4.48 billion people who are using social media.    It is undeniably an enormous number of audience. 

 So in this large area of audience , it is favourable for you to advertise your product. You can earn higher profits from it. Like the other purposes , you can also use social media to advertise your business through Social Media marketing .Social Media marketing creates an ultimate  magic in the sales of your product. In this article, we are going to discuss Social Media Marketing and going to throw light on some important  aspects of it.  So, you can get a full fledged knowledge of it.  Before stepping into it.


 So Let’s dig deeper in the article to get more insight about it.


 What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the form of Digital marketing , in which numerous social media platforms are used for the marketing purposes of a product. It can be useful for increasing the sales, website reach and can increase the traffic of a website.  A number of social media platforms are available in the market for performing social media activities. Those platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and others.


Among all these platforms,  Facebook is the most appropriate platform for social media marketing purposes.  As per the statistics,  it is  used by 2.8 billion active users. Indeed 93 % social marketers use Facebook to build a strong  network for them which is accessible for performing their marketing tasks. Along with Facebook others are also plays an undeniably successful role 


Well,  content is extremely important in social media marketing.  The more impressive content can generate a higher number of engagements of customers to your brand. High quality content can tend to create higher profits for you.



 Merits of Social Media Marketing  

  • Provide Customer Data Analysis:  Well , most of the third of the third- party provide some of their customer data which might be useful for generating an advertisement campaign according to the ill of a specific customer.  There is also a feature on  business instagram,which helps you to get the information about the customer’s engagement on a particular post of your account.


  • Create Brand Awareness: It is a certain advantage of social media that social media is free to use and it's common among lots of people. Now a number of people are able to use social media because they are free to use. Because of this advantage of social media, you are able to create brand awareness and shout out among the vast range of people that have a lot of traffic like facebook or instagram. If you advertise your brand properly with the help of expert people that can help you in generating amazing content for social media. Surely, you will be able to create awareness about your brand. 


  • Cost Effective: Well, to be more precise, social media marketing needs a good amount of investment though it is totally free  for you to sign-up  at all social media platforms. But it can become cost- effective , when you know how to perform the tasks of social media marketing.  You just have to contact the marketing professional for handling the tasks for your social media marketing. You may hire a freelancer social media marketer or contact a reliable firm to get your social media marketing tasks done successfully.  


Demerits of Social Media Marketing

  •  Need Expertise People: Social Media marketing tasks are not easy to perform . It is not like having a cup of tea while sitting on your couch. Sometimes, it involves a technical task to generate more leads. For example you might need a graphic designer to generate the appealing designs to the customer or your viewers. 

  •  More Competitive Area: Social media marketing has wide exposure, Here people can get more competitors than usual in an offline market. It is very hard for a fresher to compete in such a competitive market.

  •  Time Consuming :  This is one of the prominent disadvantages of social media marketing, that it is quite Time Consuming task. Creating the content for social media consumes lots of time and after posting that in social media will generate passive profit to one. It is very rare when you get an instant response from the observer  and  hence indeed it's a slower process of generating the returns.

  Tips to overcome the challenges in Social Media Marketing 

 While doing the social media marketing for your brand , you must come across tougher challenges , We suggest you some tips to overcome that challenges and try to make a s   hype while performing the Social Media Marketing Task , some tips are as follows :

  •  Appoint experts to generate great content: While  Social media handling and marketing is not an easy task to some extent, you have to contact the experts for greeting greater hypes in your business and it will definitely help you to expand your venture at an enormous level.

  •  Be responsive to your client : While running , Social media marketing campaign for your brand, you must be interactive to your customers and entertain them by answering all their queries and content . it will let the customers feel connected with your brand.

  •  Post consistently : While performing the tasks of social media marketing,we prefer you to post consistently on numerous social media handles. Indeed it will ensure that the consistent engagements of customers on social media handle promoting your brand on a large scale and as a result you will be able to earn higher returns. As if you are not posting your content consistently, It will gradually affect the interest of your customers in your brand.

 Our Verdict 

 Social Media Marketing is indeed the most amazing way of digital marketing. It can create immense magic in your sales and It can make you earn higher profits. In the above article , we have focused upon the important aspects of it.


In our write up , we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages  of social media marketing , all along with some tips to generate high returns from social media marketing.

Hope you like our efforts which we put forth to write this post, if yes share it with your friends , so that they can also get the insight about social media marketing. 

In case, you have any query about the above write up . then, you can drop-down your requirement in the comment box. 

 [Author:- Parul Khosla   contact   gmail:- Parul ] 

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